Data for: Five Financial Incentives to Revive the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone and Mississippi Basin Soils

Published: 11 December 2018| Version 3 | DOI: 10.17632/sfzhvzb4vg.3
Heather Tallis, Stephen Polasky, Jessica Hellmann, Nathaniel Springer, Rich Biske, Dave DeGeus, Randal Dell, Michael Doane, Lisa Downes, Josh Goldstein, Tom Hodgman, Kris Johnson, Ian Luby, Derric Pennington, Michael Reuter, Kathleen Segerson, Isis Stark, John Stark, Carrie Vollmer-Sanders, Sarah Kate Weaver


Detailed data and calculations quantifying the physical and financial implications of financial mechanisms for reducing the nutrient and GHG impacts in the Mississippi River Basin. Updated from V2 to include cost estimates for the sensitivity analysis in Table 3 SA.



Insurance, Economics, Water Quality, Soil Carbon, Agricultural Soil, Eutrophication, Conservation Agriculture, Floodplains, Agricultural Policy, Nitrates