Quran Dataset

Published: 13 May 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/sg5j65kgdf.2
khalid aloufi


Quran Dataset is a collection of different format of the Holy book of Quran. The dataset is presented in the original file in word format. also, for database application developer or researcher, the SQL files are available as well. For Semantic web application, the RDF resources are available. From the RDF files small part of the figure are developed in SVG format, which can be extended to all file using different tools to transform RDF to figure files. Another format is available , which is the CSV format , which can be used to view the data in any text editor program such as MS Excel or simple text editors. All format are made available for the help of researcher or developer.


Steps to reproduce

The data is produced in different formats using the following steps: The main Quran resource was in MS Word downloaded from https://fonts.qurancomplex.gov.sa/. Then in the following step, a database is created to save the copy of the Quran. Then in the third step, the file is processed using Java programming language.Then , the Quran text was saved in structured format in the Database. After that, the Quran was transformed in RDF format using the Java Programming Language. One of the online tools was used to create the figures in SVG format from RDF. Only small part is saved in SVG format. For more figure, the researcher or the developer can develop more figure as required from the RDF file. CSV and SQL are exported using the PostgreSQL pgAdmin tool, which is an interface for the PostgreSQL DBMS.


Taibah University


Religion, Islam, Web Application, Natural Language Processing, Database Application, Semantic Web, Applied Computer Science, Informatics