Flood Disasters in Yunnan Province During 1986-2020

Published: 2 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sgb2wy8nkh.1
, Xuan JI


This is a geospatial dataset stored in .gdb format. We compiled information on flood disaster events in Yunnan Province from 1986 to 2020 by extracting relevant data from the documentary materials recorded by government administrative departments, and constructed a spatial dataset of flood disaster events according to the geospatial data specification. Data on relevant geographical, occurrence, casualties, economic losses, and information sources are also provided. Rich and reliable data sources, rigorous data collation process, cross-validation of detailed disaster information guarantee the quality of this dataset. This dataset can be utilized for research related to flood disasters, such as the analysis of spatiotemporal evolution patterns, the elucidation of spatial distribution driving mechanisms, and the assessment of disaster risks. This dataset can be employed for conducting research on the spatiotemporal evolution patterns of flood disasters, deciphering the driving mechanisms behind their spatial distribution, and assessing disaster risks.



Yunnan University


Geoinformatics, Flash Flood, Natural Hazard