Dataset for Bitcoin arbitrage in different cryptocurrency exchanges

Published: 14 September 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/sghd8vbvbp.2
Rasa Bruzgė


We present a high-frequency dataset of algorithmic trading. Given that, the dataset contains different time intervals depending on the timestamp when an arbitrage opportunity occurred. Our dataset has 9,799,130 tick-level records of the Bitcoin-to-Euro exchange rate starting from 2019-01-01 00:00:31 until 2020-03-30 23:59:48. Data covered information about different cryptocurrency pairs from 18 cryptocurrency exchanges. These pairs contained information about exchanges in which it was possible to buy and sell simultaneously. Each row presented the amount of arbitrage that it was possible to earn if a transaction would have been executed. The dataset contains information about the amount of arbitrage that could be earned after executing a transaction in given cryptocurrency exchanges, the quantity which had to be bought to earn arbitrage, the best sell, and the best buy prices, the balance of fiat currency in “Exchange 1” and the balance of cryptocurrency in “Exchange 2”. If there was enough fiat currency in “Exchange 1” and enough cryptocurrency in “Exchange 2” it means that the transaction was successfully executed and given arbitrage amount was earned. This information could be used by investors to discover potential earning capabilities, and create effective arbitrage trading strategies. Moreover, this dataset could serve academics for deeper analysis of efficiency and liquidity questions as well as it could be used to spot and evaluate risks in the market, identify patterns in the market. Short description of the dataset: ID - Unique ID arb_timestamp - timestamp of arbitrage opportunity arb_exch1 - presents exchanges where one was able to successfully buy Bitcoin arb_exch2 - presents exchanges where one was able to successfully sell Bitcoin arb_ticker - BTCEUR exchange rate arb_prc - percentage earned compared to the invested amount arb_amount - the amount of arbitrage that would be earned if a transaction had been executed arb_quantity - Bitcoin quantity that needed to be bought in order to execute a transaction and to earn arbitrage best_sell_price - best price at which it was possible to sell Bitcoin in "Exchange 2" best_buy_price - best price at which it was possible to buy Bitcoin in "Exchange 1" balance_fiat - the amount of Euros available in “Exchange 1” balance_crypto - the amount of Bitcoin available in “Exchange 2”


Steps to reproduce

The dataset could be reproduced in different ways depending on the type of analysis.


Vilniaus Universitetas


Exchange, Big Data, High-Frequency Data, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin