Assesment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards the Evidence Based Practice among Postgraduate Physiotherapy Students in North India

Published: 28 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sgmxg3b27w.1
Sagar Dhanda,


Background: Evidence-based practice (EBP) is a critical approach in healthcare that integrates the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and patient values. In physiotherapy, EBP ensures that treatments are effective and based on scientific evidence, leading to better patient outcomes. This study investigates the impact of knowledge, attitude, and practice towards evidence-based practice among postgraduate physiotherapy students in north India. Material & Methods: An online survey study recruited 166 Postgraduate Physiotherapy students through convenient sampling. The study employed a self-developed questionnaire which experts validated. This questionnaire is used for data collection which included 2 domains i.e. knowledge, and attitude, and included 14 questions. Data analysis was done by using SPSS Software. Result: The study found that most postgraduate physiotherapy students in North India are well-informed about evidence-based practice (EBP). Specifically, 89.2% use standardized treatments, 90.4% believe in adhering to EBP, 86.7% are aware of relevant databases, 84.3% understand different research designs, 88% grasp statistical interpretations of treatments, and 90.4% keep up with research. However, a small portion of students do not engage in these practices. The study found positive trends in students prioritizing evidence-based practices (88%) and adapting treatment plans (86.1%). However, knowledge gaps existed (e.g., assessing information quality: 86.1%) and updating knowledge was infrequent (81.9%). Additionally, 14.5% struggled to integrate information from various sources. Conclusion: The study found that postgraduate physiotherapy students in North India are well-versed in and consistently practice evidence-based practice (EBP). This reflects their strong EBP knowledge, positive attitudes, and application in clinical settings, indicating a commitment to quality healthcare. However, ongoing efforts are necessary to maintain and enhance these practices. Keywords: evidence-based practice; postgraduate; physiotherapy



Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


Physical Therapy, Postgraduate Education, Evidence-Based Education