Costs and revenues on organic and conventional farms

Published: 10 October 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/shpby46jf5.1


This dataset contains information about the cash flows of two agricultural farms: one based on organic farming practices and the other on conventional farming. Both farms are located in the municipality of Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. The data were collected from records and controls of income and expenses provided by the farmers. The data comprise a four-year period for the organic system: 2016 to 2019; and five years for the conventional system: 2015/2016 to 2019/2020. The data are expressed in monetary units (R$) per unit of land of each farm (hectares). The data set is composed of fixed costs, variable costs, opportunity costs, revenues, and depreciation, as well as financial indicators, such as unit contribution margin, profit, net profit, profitability, and break-even point.


Steps to reproduce

The dataset presents minimally processed data from primary data collected from farmers. Reproduction of the data depends on access to the primary data, considering that the data used is space and time-specific.


Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul


Agricultural Science, Sustainability, Land Management, Agriculture Land Use, Economic Costs, Organic Farming, Biodiversity in Food, Farming Systems, Agricultural Finance, Land Use