Seismic Risk Quantification and GIS-Based Seismic Risk Maps for Dubai-UAE_Dataset

Published: 9 March 2021| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/shpfp7bdx7.4
Ghaith Al-Shamsi,
Nader Aly,
Tarig Ali


This dataset contains seismic hazard assessment and fragility relationships for Dubai, UAE. It is derived from incremental dynamic analyses via nonlinear dynamic response history analyses and simulations. The results are contained within an Excel file "Data.xlsx". The first tab in the data file provides the probability of exceeding the three performance levels in conformance to the ASCE41-16 procedure. Namely: Immediate Occupancy (IO), Life Safety (LS), and Collapse Prevention (CP), for the different types of multi-story buildings. Moreover, these results are visualized on city-wide GIS maps developed via the ArcGIS platform and ArcMap library. All files are organized in subfolders within a single compressed file: "GIS maps.rar". Finally, High-Resolution images of the GIS maps are available in individual "*.tiff" files.


Steps to reproduce

ArcGIS files are already developed, and High-Resolution images of the maps are available in individual "*.tiff" files.