MuniciMex-2020: sociodemographic data of municipalities of Mexico from the 2020 census

Published: 10 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/shtkfxx4h8.1
Sergio Coria


MuniciMex-2020 is produced from open data of the 2020 Population and Housing Census of Mexico (Mexican Institute for Statistics and Geography, INEGI, 2021). The aggregation unit is municipality, so the whole 2,469 municipalities are available in the dataset. In addition to the original 222 attributes in the official census database, percentages are appended. These percentages are computed from diverse counts of inhabitants and houses in the census. For each attribute that is a count of inhabitants or a count of houses regarding any socio-demographic aspect, a new attibute is created as a percentage. Percentages computed for inhabitants characteristics are calculated from the total municipal count of inhabitants. In turn, percentages computed for houses characteristics are calculated from the total municipal count of houses. For instance, the dataset contains percentage of inhabitants who know to read and write, percentage of houses that have sewage facilities, percentage of houses that have Internet service, etc. This percentages are highly useful to produce a broad series of statistical analyses and machine learning models because they constitute a statistical normalization enabling to perform comparisons among municipalities that have (very) different counts of inhabitants (or houses) among each other.


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Universidad de la Sierra Sur


Demography, Mexico, Census Data