Optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters (OSLDs) for ultra-high dose-rate proton dosimetry

Published: 29 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sjhp52b7jt.1
Jeppe Brage Christensen, Eduardo Gardenali Yukihara


Data to reproduce the results published in Jeppe Brage Christensen et al 2021 Phys. Med. Biol. 66 085003 (https://iopscience.iop.org/article/10.1088/1361-6560/abe554) The optically stimulated luminescence detectors (OSLDs) were read out using the Risoe Reader. Each folder contains the raw data (sequence files, binaries) and a csv file were the data is organized. The folder names refer to the setups as given in the paper, the dose calibration, or the fading curve. A more detailed description is given under "Steps to reproduce".


Steps to reproduce

Overview: Three different setups A, B, and C---as outlined in the paper---were irradiated, each with several frames. A 'frame' denotes the container of 1 - 12 vials or cylinders, each with a (varying) number of OSLDs. Hence, e.g. "Frame 1 spot 2" would denote the OSLDs contained in the vial/cylinder irradiated at spot position 2 in frame 1. The meaning of S/SR is detailed in the paper. Each setup folder contains - a subfolder "reader_data" with all Risoe reader sequence files and raw output - Excel file(s) "Frame_x" with sheet(s) containing the raw data data from the Risoe reader named with a "YYMMDDxx" style, denoting the readout date and xx (e.g. 01) denoting the number of the readout on that particular day. - The sheet "Frame_x_results" contain the sorted information listed as: "Spots" denote the spot number [1-12] in the frame "Nominal_dose_Gy" is the dose aimed for in units of Gy "Faraday_dose_Gy" is the dose measured with the Faraday cup in units of Gy "Doserate_Gy_s" is the dose-rate in units of Gy/s "time_hr" is the approx. time from irradiation to read out in hours. "OSL_i_S_SR" is the S/SR value of OSL #i pointing to the sheet where it is calculated Example: Retrieve the data for Spot 1 in Frame 1 for setup A: The raw data is stored as Setup_A_data > reader_data > "20061501 Readout Frame1_spots1-2" i.e. it was read out on 20/06/15 as readout number 01. The data is imported in Excel as Setup_A_data > Frame_1.xslx under the sheet "20061501" where the S/S_R value for each OSLD in the spot is given. The S/S_R values for each OSLD in that position is sorted under Setup_A_data > Frame_1.xslx under the sheet "Frame_1_results" where the second row (corresponding to Spots = 1) contain the information and the S/S_R values of the OSLDs in Spot 1 in Frame 1 setup A.


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