Effect of Ethanol Leaf Extract of Senegal Lilac Lonchocarpus Sericeus (Poir) On Indomethacin Induced Gastric Ulcer in Wister Rats.

Published: 4 August 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sjrwfpkdd7.1


Senegal lillac (lonchocarpus sericeus (Poir.)) a medicinal plant with long history in folkloric medicine, has been used in the treatment of pathological conditions such as ulceration of the gastric gland (gastric ulcer). Due to this remarkable medicinal properties of this plant, this study was designed to scrutinize the Therapeutic Potentials of the Ethanol Leaf Extract of Senegal lillac (lonchocarpus sericeus) [ELL] on indomethacin-induced Gastric ulcer in rat’s model it also create the opportunity to clinically investigate the presence of bioactive compound in the leaf extract of Senegal lillac (lonchocarpus sericeus) which are formed as a secondary metabolite by the plant. The experimental design consist of 40 Albino rats divided into 5 groups of 8 rats each. Indomethacin was administered intraperitoneally as a single dose followed by oral administration of ELL with doses of 62.5 and 125mg/kg BWT and 20mg/kg BWT of ranitidine for 28days.


Steps to reproduce

Indomethacin and other chemicals (reagents) used were Sigma Aldrich chemical and purchased from Pascal Scientific Limited, Akure ,Nigeria. Fresh samples of (lonchocarpus sericeus (Senegal lilac) leaves were collected at a garden within the Federal University of Technology, Akure staff quarters, Nigeria. it was identified and authenticated at Center for Research and Development (CERAD), Federal University of Technology, Akure. The leaves were washed, air-dried, ground into fine powder using a blender, the powdered leaves was macerated in 80% ethanol for 72 h and then filtered using whatman filter paper. The filtrate was concentrated to a small volume using rotary evaporator and thereafter lyophilized in order to obtain the methanol extract of L. sericeus leaf. This was stored in an amber bottle and refrigerated at -200C to preserve freshness and subsequently kept for further experiments. The yield of the extract was calculated.


Auchi Polytechnic, Federal University of Technology Akure


Medical Biochemistry, Preclinical Cancer Research