Dataset of Math Word Problems In Spanish and MathML

Published: 30 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/skbvhkz5th.1
Kevin Sossa,


The dataset contains 150 Math Word Problems(MWP). Each problem consists of textual math problems that involve the application of first and second-degree mathematical equations for their resolution. To create this set, academic and educational sources containing first and second-degree math problems were selected, and some original problems were also included. Each problem in the dataset is structured as follows: "question": A textual description of the math problem in Spanish "mathml_equations": The corresponding equation for the problem, expressed in MathML format to facilitate processing and manipulation by machine learning models. "Difficulty": The number of variables in the equation. "Grade": The grade of the equation, with 1 indicating a linear equation and 2 indicating a quadratic equation. "Index: A unique identifier for each problem in the dataset. "Author": The creator or source of the problem. "Ref": The source or citation for the problem, if applicable.



Mathematics, Natural Language Processing