TV viewership and political participation in Pakistan

Published: 26 January 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/skh2bjz3h6.2


This data is based on the following Research Questions: RQ1: Whether there is any relationship between the university students level of political knowledge and their political TV talk shows watching habits? RQ2: What is the relationship between the level of political awareness and watching TV political talk shows among students in Lahore, Pakistan? RQ3: Is there any relationship between political participation and TV political talk shows watching among university students in Lahore, Pakistan? The data analysis revealed a significant positive relationship between television political talk shows watching and political participation of university students of Lahore in Pakistan General Elections 2018. Also, there is a mediation role of political knowledge. The data was gathered from the public sector and private sector universities of Lahore during September and October 2018 after the General Elections. Undergraduate and postgraduate level students were included among the respondents and it was collected through a self-administered paper and pencil questionnaire comprising 30 close-ended questions adapted from already built scales (McLeod et al., 2013). The data can be reused for studying the role of TV viewership and political participation, especially in the case of the youth and university students.



Political Communication, Political Participation, University Student, Pakistan, Mass Communication, Television Viewing