Functions for checking necessary conditions for maximality of 0/1-determinant and example

Published: 2 July 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sm3x4xrb42.1
Alexey Ukhalov,


We demonstrate the method to show that given 0/1-determinant or -1/1-determinant of order n is not maximum. As an example, we consider -1/1-matrix U of order 101 and show that its determinant is not maximum. In this dataset we provide the matrix, Wolfram Mathematica functions (ver. 10.0), and our computations with these functions. The dataset includes four files with the same content: determinant_functions_computations.nb - Wolfram Mathematica notebook, see determinant_functions_computations.cdf - CDF Player can be downloaded for free from the page PDF and text versions of the same.



Data Analysis Computer Program, Computational Geometry, Linear Algebra