Cell types of the human retina and its organoids at single-cell resolution. Cowan et al

Published: 17-09-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sm67hr5bpm.1
Cameron Cowan


Single cell transcriptomes from functionally-intact human retina and light-responsive human retinal organoids with functional synapses. Includes organoids aged from 6 to 46 weeks and a longitudinal time series of ischemia in the human retinal periphery. Human organoids recapitulating the cell-type diversity and function of their target organ are valuable for basic and translational research. We developed light-sensitive human retinal organoids with multiple nuclear and synaptic layers, and functional synapses. We sequenced the RNA of 285,441 single cells from these organoids at seven developmental time points and from the periphery, fovea, pigment epithelium and choroid of light-responsive adult human retinas.