Supplementary Material: Dairy Cows Udder Echtotexture and Blood Flow in Dry Period and Lactation

Published: 2 June 2023| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/smgvyzy4cp.2
Konstantinos S Themistokleous,


This dataset contains supplemental material to the research article: "Udder ultrasonography of dairy cows: Investigating the relationship between echotexture, blood flow, somatic cell count and milk yield during dry period and lactation". Dataset contents explained: - Tables 5, 6, 7: Ingredients, chemical composition and nutritive value of the total mixed rations provided for the: 1) High Lactation , 2) Low Lactation , 3) and 4) Close-Up (dry period) groups. - 15 tiff files, presenting the 15 Echotexture Parameters' changes throughout the study period: starting from 7 days before the dry period (“DP”), throughout the DP, 7 and 3 days prior to calving, at calving (“C”) and from the 3rd to the 90th day in the new lactation (“DIM”: days in milk). These echotexture parameters are: - Skewness - Entropy - Mean Pixel Standard Deviation - Run Percentage - Correlation - Runlength Distribution - Mean Numerical Pixel Value - Contrast - Percentage Non Zero Gradients - Excess - Gradient Mean Value - Gradient Variance - Grey Value Distribution - Long Run Emphasis - Homogeneity - An avi. video file presenting a color Doppler ultrasonographic examination of the blood flow in the milk vein of a cow



Aristotle University of Thessaloniki School of Veterinary Medicine


Ultrasonography, Mammary Gland, Dairy Cattle Clinical Medicine, Ultrasound, Doppler Ultrasonography, Dairy Cattle, Venous Circulation, Mastitis, Chronic Mastitis, Cow Study, Color Doppler, Doppler Ultrasound Studies, Agricultural Ultrasound, Bovine Milk, Cow Milk