Iraqi Student Performance Prediction

Published: 12 December 2018| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/smgx6s5pwr.1


Iraqi dataset is collected through applying (or submitting) questionnaire in three Iraqi secondary schools for both applicable and biology branches of the final stage during the second semester of the 2018 year. Initially, the questionnaire contains 56 questions in three A4 sheets and it is answered by 250 students (samples). Latter, 130 samples are discarded due to lack of information since pre-processing is applied to obtain the most complete information of students. After removing inconsistencies and incompleteness in the dataset, this study considers 120 samples instances with 55 features for experiment purposes. The features are distributed into five main categories: Demographic, Economic, Educational, Time, and Marks. Table (1) shows the dataset’s attributes/features and their description. As illustrated in this table, new features are introduced, such as holiday and worrying effects. The relationships between parents with schools and use of books and references by the student are also considered.


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Feature Category #Question Feature Description Demographic Q0 Gender Binary (Female ,Male) Q1 Social status Nominal (single, married, apart) Q2 Age Numeric (1:<17, 2:17-19, 3:19-21, 4:>21 year) Q3 Governorate Binary (Baghdad, other) Q4 Living Binary (City, Rural) Q5 Mother education Ordinal (Illiterate, Medium, Secondary, B.A., Higher) Q6 Father education Ordinal (Illiterate, Medium, Secondary, B.A., Higher) Q7 Family member Education Binary (Yes, No) Q8 Father Alive Binary (Yes, No) Q9 Mother Alive Binary (Yes, No) Q10 Family Size Numeric (0:<4,1:4-8, 2:>8 member) Q11 Parent Apart Binary(Yes, No) Q12 The Guardian Nominal (mother, father, Null) Q13 Family Relationship Ordinal (Bad, Good, Vgood, Excellent) Economic Q14 Father Job Nominal (No, Employee, Other) Q15 Mother Job Nominal (No, Employee, Other) Q16 Education Fee Binary (You, Family) Q17 Secondary Job Binary (Free job, No) Q18 Home Ownership Binary (Own, Rent) Q19 Study Room Binary (Yes, No) Q20 Family Economic Level Ordinal (Poor, Good, Vgood, Excellent) Q21 You chronic disease Binary (Yes, No) Q22 Family Chronic Disease Binary (Yes, No) Educational Q23 Specialization Binary (Applicable, Biologist) Q24 Study willing Binary (Yes, No) Q25 Reason of study Nominal(You, Average, Family) Q26 Attendance Ordinal (Poor, Good, Vgood) Q27 Failure Year Binary (Yes, No) Q28 Higher Education Willing Binary (Yes, No) Q29 References Usage Binary (Yes, No) Time Q30 Internet Usage Numeric (0:<2, 1:2-4, 2:>4 hour) Q31 TV Usage Numeric (0:<2, 1:2-4, 2:>4 hour) Q32 Sleep Hour Numeric (0:<5, 1:5-7, 2:7-9, 3:>9 hour) Q33 Study Hour Numeric (0:>2, 1:2-4, 2:4-6, 3:>6 hour) Q34 Arrival Time Numeric (0:<hour, 1: other) Q35 Transport Binary (Foot, Car) Q36 Holiday Effect Binary (Yes, No) Q37 Worry Effect Binary (Yes, No) Q38 Parent Meeting Binary (Yes, No) Marks Q39-Q45 Materials Degrees for First Semester Numeric (0-100) Q46 Avg1 Numeric (0-100) Q47-Q53 Materials Degrees for


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