Published: 6 July 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/smvbm47n3z.1
Martin Lasso


This information allows us to demonstrate the usefulness of the FilmArray Pneumo multiple molecular panel (FAP-P) in the early diagnosis of VAP in a cohort of 71 COVID-19 patients with suspected VAP. High sensitivity, specificity and negative predictive value were demonstrated. It facilitated, together with the results of conventional cultures, to rule out the presence of VAP in 40% of the cohort. Clinic Data FAP-P VAP Chile. This information refers to a Chilean retrospective cohort of 71 critical COVID-19 patients with suspected VAP in whom FAP-P was used together with conventional cultures in respiratory samples in order to confirm or rule out VAP. It describes the clinical characteristics, evolution in critical care, complications, antibiotic treatment, and 30-day mortality. Microbiol Data FAP-P VAP Chile. This database consists of the joint information of the results of the FilmArray Pneumo multiple molecular panel in 48 respiratory samples from patients with VAP microbiologically confirmed and the results of the concomitant conventional cultures. Sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive value can be obtained from it. The number of bacterial nucleic acid copies per mL (FAP-P) and the number of cfu / mL of the cultures are also described.


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This is a retrospective information obtained from the intranet of our hospital based on the information provided from the microbiology laboratory with all the results of the FilmArray Pneumo panel (FAP-P) together with the results of cultures obtained during 8 months in 2020 from a cohort of COVID-19 critical care patients with VAP suspected. Tables were prepared by Excel for both clinical characteristics and microbiological findings. These tables were used to describe the cohort using mainly measures of central tendency and also for the validation and safety of FAP-P related with conventional culture (gold standar), statistical analysis was applied through the program Stata Statistical Software, 13 SE program (StataCorp., College Station, TX, USA).


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Ventilatory-Associated Pneumonia, Critical Care, Molecular Array, COVID-19