MaskedFER2023 and MaskedCK+: Face-masked FER2013 and CK+ datasets for mask-aware facial expression recognition

Published: 15 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sp3xssmzbg.1
, Md Rakibul Hasan,


M-FER2013 and M-CK+ are the masked versions of FER2013 and CK+ datasets. CK+ is a small dataset that contains many highly similar images, as these images are consecutive frames from videos. Source: and FER2013 is another facial expression recognition dataset similar to CK+ with a larger size. Source: M-FER2013_cropped and M-CK+_cropped are the cropped versions of 'M-FER2013' and 'M-CK+', respectively. Only regions near the eyes are preserved, and some poorly masked images (inappropriate masked sizes and positions) are removed. Refer to for more details.


Steps to reproduce

They are obtained by running the MaskTheFace algorithm on FER2013 and CK+ datasets. The implementation of MaskTheFace can be found at You will need to install MaskTheFace and follow the instructions in its readme file. Additionally, it is important to overwrite its utils/ file with the one provided under the /src/ folder at, where we have made some modifications to the parameters to ensure that the algorithm can work on low-resolution grayscale images.


Face, Emotion Expression