Data File-Real options value cap add inv exp _Das Gupta-Energy Policy

Published: 29 September 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/spcjjm9xc6.2


Contains data for electricity price, price, installed capacities and investments in renewable energy sources. The dataset details calculations for learning-by-doing and learning-by-searching rates. The dataset also includes Coal import shares for India from the countries of Australia, Indonesia, South Africa from fiscal year 2006-07 until 2017-18. I attach additional excel files of World Bank Pink Sheets including South African coal prices ($/mt), CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion from International Energy Agency (IEA) and exchange rate data for Indian Rupees-US Dollar, US Dollar-Euro (to calculate the eventual need of Indian Rupees-Euro) that are used for calculations in the paper. These are publicly available open access data resources that have been appropriately cited in the paper. However, due to antiquity of a few years, some are no longer accessible in the website of the parent organization.



Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Coal, Renewable Energy, Carbon Dioxide Emission, Exchange Rate, Feed-In Tariff