Data on Gender and Productivity Differentials in Malawian Groundnut Farming

Published: 22 December 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/sph9sjm9m8.2


Gender and productivity differentials


Steps to reproduce

The analysis is based on the Stata dataset "data_JDS.dta", the Stata do-file "" and R code "Rcode_JDS.R". The replication steps are as follows: 1. Open "" and run code lines 1-261 2. Follow steps 1-4 in "" (lines 262-268) to run the R code ("Rcode_JDS.R") using the data file "filename.csv" 3. Complete the rest of the analysis by running Stata command lines 269-456. Note: Results data from Step 2 are merged with the rest of the Stata data in order to complete the analysis here. Step-by-step guides with annotations are provided on the scripts.


Agricultural Economics, Economic Development, Development Studies, Production Economics, Productivity