Dataset: Radar images and animations for Sakurajima volcanic eruption clouds, 2013

Published: 8 January 2021| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/spr2pbzzzw.2
Masayuki Maki, Yura Kim


1) 2013eruptionlist_sakurajima.pdf (934 KB) This file presents the list of 31 Sakurajima volcanic eruptions in 2013 selected for analysis (Table 1) and images of temporally accumulated reflectivity factors for the 31 volcanic eruption clouds (Fig.1). In all cases, the eruption cloud height was ≥3000 m above the vent. ERP, eruption; EXP, experiment; DIR, direction. 2) (289 MB) The folder “2013_31cases_mp4” contains 31 animation files. Each file name is constructed as caseXX.mp4, where XX is the case number from 01 to 31. In each file, animated Plan Position Indicator (PPI) images of polarimetric radar parameters such as reflectivity (ZH), differential reflectivity (ZDR), correlation coefficient (RHV), and Doppler velocity (VEL) for an elevation angle of 6° are shown. The accumulated reflectivity [mm6 m–3] of each eruption is also shown. Web camera images of volcanic ash clouds were provided by Minami Nihon Shinbun. X-band polarimetric radar data were provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). 3) (124 MB) This folder contains the following five animation files which helps to understand the results shown in the article “Analyses of three-dimensional weather radar data from volcanic eruption clouds”. Animation 1. Comparison of (a) observed Plan Position Indicator (PPI) images collected at 5 min intervals and (b) temporally interpolated PPI images produced at 30 s intervals for an elevation angle of 7.5°. Animation 2. Comparison of (a) observed PPI images for 12 tilt angles (1.7–20°) and (b) elevation angle-interpolated PPI images produced at 0.5° intervals. Animation 3. Volume rendering of three-dimensional (3D) views of the volcanic eruption cloud observed east of the Sakurajima Showa vent at 16:41 LST, August 18, 2013. Animation 4. As in Animation 3, but for horizontal and vertical cross-sections of the 3D volcanic eruption cloud. Animation 5. Temporal evolution of eruption clouds under (a) calm wind (June 13, 2013), (b) strong wind (October 07, 2013), and (c) moderate wind (August 18, 2013).



Kagoshima Daigaku


Earth Sciences