Dataset of Occurrence of mycotoxins in pulses

Published: 27 June 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/spwn5zw6ns.1
Catalina Acuña-Gutiérrez,


The dataset contains all literature revised with the categories generated by the authors to describe each study. The Excel file contains two sheets: the first one is named “Included studies,” which are the articles used to make the analyses. The second sheet is called “Excluded studies,” which are revised articles but do not comply with selection criteria. The list of categories available in the document are: continent, country classification by income (2021-2022), country/region of origin of the samples, pulse(s) involved in the study, mycotoxin(s) analyzed, contamination levels in the studied pulse(s), other toxins, mycoflora, reference(s) used for classification of mycoflora, highlights, reference, the title of publication, DOI, the decade of publication, the composition of the research group (countries’ affiliations), type of global collaboration, research aim, name of the journal, impact factor, ISSN, editorial or publisher, number of samples, detection technique, Was the method validated? (could be tested on other product), observations about the method in the current research, Was the method tested in the studied pulse(s)?, reference for validation method, and observations about reference method.



Universitat Hohenheim


Food Safety, Fabaceae, Legume, Mycotoxin