The influence of solid surface hydrophobicity on stability of thin wetting films in solid-liquid-gas flotation system

Published: 11 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ss2czfc4gj.1
Mateusz Kruszelnicki


This dataset contains the results of a study on the formation of a three-phase contact between a bubble and a flat glass surface with different hydrophobicity. The dataset includes the following: 1) Values of static and dynamic (advancing and receding) water contact angles measured using the sessile drop technique on the surface of glass plates. 2) Values of three-phase contact formation time, bubble bouncing time and thin film drainage time. 3) Values of the three-phase contact diameter to bubble diameter ratio during adhesion to surfaces of different degrees of hydrophobicity. 4) Contact angle measured using the captive bubble method between the bubble and surface of the glass plate with different degrees of hydrophobicity. 5) The velocity of three-phase contact propagation during bubble adhesion to surfaces of different hydrophobicity.


Steps to reproduce

Detailed steps for data reproduction are described in the related article


Politechnika Wroclawska


Thin Liquid Film, Wettability, Contact Angle, Bubble-Solid Interaction, Flotation


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