A fully automated approach to spike sorting - polymer probe dataset part 2/3

Published: 14 September 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ssb8s4766s.1
Jason Chung, Loren Frank


Part 2 of an electrophysiologic dataset collected on a 16-channel polymer electrode from rat medial prefrontal cortex, collected at 30 KHz. Time points 240000001 - 480000000 of 718061414 total timepoints Part 1, time points1-240000000: doi:10.17632/j2mfvnsz2t.1 Part 3, time points 480000001 - 718061414: doi:10.17632/9mgpgn7fsw.1 The .mda file holds the raw data, the params.json hold information used by spike sorting algorithms, and the geom.csv holds the coordinates (in microns) of the 16 contacts from the array. The .mda format has a binary header, followed by the binary data. For more information and tools about how to read these files please see the MountainSort spike sorting software documentation, linked below.



University of California San Francisco Neuroscience Graduate Program


Electrophysiology, Rat, Sorting Algorithm, Prefrontal Cortex