Non-canonical receptive field properties and neuromodulation of feature detecting neurons in flies

Published: 8 May 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/ssgpb4wmh9.1
Carola Städele, Mehmet F. Keleş,
, Mark A. Frye


This repository contains the data and supplemental data for the following publication: Städele C., Keleş M.F., Mongeau J.M., Frye M.A. (2020), Non-canonical receptive field properties and neuromodulation of feature detecting neurons in flies, Current Biology DATA INFO: ********************************************** Data is organized by the corresponding Figure number. Due to storage limitations, and for your convenience, we are providing .mat files that contain the extracted change in fluorescence and visual pattern information rather than original two-photon imaging data. Data files can be opened using MATLAB (The MathWorks, Natick, MA, USA). Data is minimally processed, i.e. MATLAB files contain unprocessed and unfiltered GCAMP6F two-photon imaging data. To generate the .mat files, two-photon images were corrected for motion artifacts. Aligned images were exported to MATLAB and ROI selection performed to extract data from the anatomical regions of interest. For every pixel in the ROI mask, the mean and standard deviation were calculated for the full time series. A test value for each pixel was calculated by the product of mean and standard deviation of each pixel. Pixels with test values greater than or equal to twice the mean value of all test values in the ROI mask were used for analysis. For each stimulus condition, at least three trials were averaged. ΔF/F was calculated by dividing the signal by the mean intensity of the first 20 frames (2 s) preceding the stimulus motion onset. ANALYSIS SCRIPTS: ********************************************** For the original analysis, we used a custom MATLAB toolbox that was developed by B. Hardcastle. Toolbox code is available at Further details about each data set can be found in the READ_ME_Figure_X.txt files in the parent directory and the Mendeley Data description associated with the folder.



Neuroscience, Neuromodulation, Drosophila, Vision, Features Detection