Pesplanus Dataset

Published: 11 September 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sss89tjddy.1
Derya AVCI


Pes planus, colloquially known as flatfoot, is a deformity defined as the collapse, flattening, or loss of the medial longitudinal arch of the foot. The weight-bearing lateral X-ray image of the foot provides functional information for diagnosing pes planus and it is the gold standard method due to its short acquisition time, cost-effective, and low radiation dose. Therefore, in this study, we collected the weight-bearing X-ray images for automated pes planus detection. We retrospectively analyzed weight-bearing X-ray images of patients admitted to the Radiology Department of Elazığ Fethi Sekin City Hospital for routine pre-military health screening or suspected flatfoot and collected a new pes planus dataset consisting of X-ray images of 439 patients aged 14–47 years. These images are stored as .JPG images. Patients with a known neurological disorder, acute orthopedic trauma, or previous orthopedic lower extremity surgery were not included in this study. Images were collected after approval from the ethics committee of Fırat University, Turkey. All images were acquired with Philips, dual detector digital X-ray (65 kV, 6.3 mAs). In the collected pes planus dataset, X-ray images of 18 patients with low quality and resolution were discarded. 842 X-ray images of the remaining 421 patients were labeled by two specialist radiologists by measuring the calcaneal inclination angle. A third specialist radiologist performed the post-labeling by re-examining the conflicting examples. In the labeling process, patients with a calcaneal angle below 18 degrees were assigned to the pes planus class, and patients 18 degrees and above were assigned to the normal class. At the end of the labeling process, 440 of the 842 X-ray images were assigned to the normal class and 402 to the pes planus class. Citation: Gül, Y., Yaman, S., Avcı, D., Çilengir, A. H., Balaban, M., & Güler, H. (2023). A Novel Deep Transfer Learning-Based Approach for Automated Pes Planus Diagnosis Using X-ray Image. Diagnostics, 13(9), 1662.



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X-Ray Imaging