Data for: Testing the effectiveness of the Internet-based instrument PsyToolkit: a comparison between web-based (PsyToolkit) and lab-based (E-Prime 3.0) measurements of response choice and response time in a complex psycholinguistic task.

Published: 29 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sv4mns9fk4.1
Jonathan Kim,


Raw experimental and compiled demographic data for two experiments conducted during the research phase for "Testing the effectiveness of the Internet-based instrument PsyToolkit". Raw demographic data was not included to protect anonymity; as such, .txt files are included containing the important demographic factors for both internet-based (OnlineDemographics.txt) and laboratory-based (OfflineDemographics.txt) experiments. Three .rmd file containing the code we used for data preparation and analysis are also included. Firstly, there is a master script where data is prepared and analysed together (MasterScriptBothPreparationAndAnalysis.rmd). Secondly, there are separate scripts included for running the data preparation (DataPreparation.rmd) and data analysis (DataAnalysis.rmd) separately. These scripts are identical to what is included in the master script under Preparation and Analysis, and are included to make it easier to examine the code in each of these sections. Output .txt files from the data preparation phase are also included (AllCompiled.txt, OfflineExperimentAll.txt, OfflineCompiled.txt, OnlineCompiled.txt), to allow for running the analysis without needing first to run the data preparation. If removing these files prior to running the data preparation script or master script, please be careful to not remove the demographics files.



Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Psycholinguistics, Research Design, Methodology