Data for: Paleoenvironmental signature of the Selandian-Thanetian Transition Event (STTE) and Early Late Paleocene Event (ELPE) in the Contessa Road Section (western Neo-Tethys)

Published: 25 March 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/svc4h3wbnc.1
Fabrizio Frontalini, Ianco Rodrigues, Martino Giorgioni, Jairo Savian, Bruno GALBRUN, Luigi Jovane, DANIEL RODELLI, Rita Catanzariti, Rodolfo Cocci0ni


Appendix A. CaCO3 content, δ13C and δ18O isotopes of bulk sediments, rock magnetic properties (IRM, ARM, HIRM300, and S-ratio300) and coarse fraction. Appendix B. Results of normalized magnetic susceptibility analysis. Appendix C. Assemblage count data for calcareous nannofossil taxa and groups expressed as percentages. Appendix D. Assemblage count data for Heliolithus genus expressed as N° of specimens/300 fields. Appendix E. Assemblage count data for selected planktonic foraminiferal taxa, P/(P+B) ratio, and fragmentation index. Appendix F. Assemblage count data for benthic foraminiferal assemblages: density, agglutinans vs. calcareous ratio, infauna vs. epifauna ratio, and the relative abundance of Spiroplectammina spp.



Geochemistry, Paleoceanography, Magnetism, Isotope, Foram Micropaleontology, Nannos Micropaleontology, Paleoenvironments, Palaeoclimate