Data for: The influence of land finance and public service supply on peri-urbanization: Evidence from the counties in China

Published: 31 August 2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/swnknpwj57.1
Juan Lu, Bin Li, He Li


The data set provided in this paper includes land finance data at county level, efficiency of public service supply, economic bias of public service supply, household registration difference of public service supply, financial decentralization data, agricultural development level data, financial development level data, foreign direct investment data and industrial structure data.The annual data span from 2009 to 2015, covering 2006 counties in China. The data of land finance is from the Ministry of Land and Resources. It is also supplemented by the websites of the prefecture-level municipal land and resources bureaus, the provincial statistical yearbooks and Wind database. The data of public service variables and control variables mainly come from the Economic Statistical Yearbook of China County and City (2010-2016), Statistical Yearbook of China’s Counties (2010-2016), County-level statistical bulletin (2010-2016), Statistical Yearbook of China's Provinces (2010-2016), Statistical Yearbook of Prefecture-level Cities (2010-2016), Wind database, etc.



Population, Industrialization, Urbanization, Foreign Direct Investment, Public Service