InVEST SWYM monthly and annual quickflow and baseflow values

Published: 16-11-2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/swxzspm4f3.2
Felipe Benra


This database incorporates information of modeled quickflow and baseflow values for 224 catchments in southern Chile, as well as observed streamflow values for the same catchments. The catchments ID is the same as the used by official government water regualting institutions and has being used by other large hydrological databases (Alvarez-Garreton et al., 2018) The InVEST seasonal water yield model was used to obtain quickflow and baseflow estimations, while streamflow values were retreived from a local database (Alvarez-Garreton et al., 2018). This database can be used to assess particular watersheds, to re-evaluate values using newest input modeling data, to develop sensitivity analyses for each of the watersheds. References: Alvarez-Garreton, C., Mendoza, P.A., Boisier, J.P., Addor, N., Galleguillos, M., Zambrano-Bigiarini, M., Lara, A., Puelma, C., Cortes, G., Garreaud, R., McPhee, J., Ayala, A., 2018. The CAMELS-CL dataset: catchment attributes and meteorology for large sample studies – Chile dataset. Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss. 1–40.