Supplementary material for: High crystalline biaxially aligned CNT web for long cycling Li-O2 batteries

Published: 8 January 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sycrpnv6h7.1
Young Shik Cho,
Hyunjin Kim,
Minhoo Byeon,
Yeonsu Jung,
DongJoon Lee,
JungOck Park,
Hyuk Jae Kwon,
Hyunpyo Lee,
Mokwon Kim,
Wonsung Choi,
Dongmin Im,


The movie shows the real-time 'growth to spinning process' of a biaxially aligned CNT film. To fabricate the designed CNT film through floating catalyst chemical vapor deposition method, the roller was systematically controlled so that rotation and pendulum motion can be performed at the same.