Database on Allometric Model

Published: 21 May 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sydw9pshmt.1
yajie hao


We have created a database containing 3557 empirical models that capture the allometric relationships between DBH and plant biomass. The model takes the form of a power function with DBH as a single variable. The database also includes tree species information, research objects, fitting data, site information, and citation information. Tree species information includes the names of tree species, the origin of the stand (including plantation, virgin forest, and secondary forest), and the type of forest (including tropical rainforest, subtropical evergreen forest, temperate forest, boreal forest and others). Research objects are categorized into trunk, branch, leaf, above-ground, below-ground/root, and whole, based on plant organs/parts. The information used for fitting includes the parameters of the allometric model (a, b), coefficient of determination (R2), fitting sample (n), starting diameter at breast height (Dmin, cm), and maximum diameter at breast height (Dmax, cm). Site information such as latitude and longitude (°), mean annual temperature (°C), mean annual rainfall (mm), and altitude (m) of the study site was also included.



Hainan University


Biomass, Allometry