Paleomagnetic and Raman Spectroscopy on Carbonaceous Materials analysis in sedimentary rocks from the Northern Pyrenees

Published: 22 April 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/syybyg5ymd.1
Esther Izquierdo Llavall, Armel Menant, Charles Aubourg, Jean-Paul Callot, Guilhem Hoareau, Pierre Camps, Eve Péré, Abdeltif Lahfid


This dataset refers to samples collected from the Paleozoic and Mesozoic sedimentary rocks that crop out in the Chaînons Béarnais and the northern part of the western Axial Zone, in the Northern Pyrenees. The dataset includes two different types of results: (1) paleomagnetic directional data (Table 1) and (2) peak temperatures obtained from the application of the Raman Spectroscopy on Carbonaceous Materials (RSCM) technique (Table 2). RSCM parameters are shown and used to calculate the mean peak temperatures attained by the sampled units. Stable paleomagnetic components were defined in 23 out of the 29 sampled sites. From the polarity and orientation of paleomagnetic components, a hypothesis on their age and the tectonic rotations occurred after their acquisition is established.



Tectonics, Structural Geology, Paleomagnetism