Data for: The relationship between self-diffusion activation energy and Soret coefficient in binary liquid mixtures

Published: 20 April 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/sz5ntshyhh.1
Daniel Hallinan


This database was compiled from literature and analyzed for correlation between self-diffusion activation energy and Soret coefficient. It contains: names of component 1 and component 2, the mole fraction of each component, the average temperature in Kelvin at which the data was collected, the Soret coefficient measurement method, and the resulting Soret coefficient in K^(-1), as well as the reference from which the data was taken. The self-diffusion activation energies for each component can be found in the associated article.



Transport, Chemical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Activation Energy, Energy Efficiency, Diffusion, Self-Diffusion, Thermionics