In-situ SEM observation of crack propagation in Al2O3-ZrO2 APS and HVOF coatings

Published: 4 December 2017| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/szs2dm95vn.1
Radek Musalek


These images show failure propagation in Al2O3-ZrO2 coatings prepared by atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and high-velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF). Fused and Crushed (F&C) and Agglomerated and Sintered (A&S) powders were used as feedstocks. Observation was carried out using Carl Zeiss EVO MA 15 SEM microscope and 3-point bending stage. The paper: J. Kiilakoski, R. Musalek, F. Lukac, H. Koivuluoto, P. Vuoristo Evaluating the toughness of APS and HVOF-sprayed Al2O3-ZrO2-coatings by in-situ- and macroscopic bending Journal of European Ceramic Society



Microscopy, Failure Analysis of Materials, Thermal Spray Coating