Dataset: On the fractal properties of Cosmic Rays and Sun Dynamics Cross-Correlations

Published: 22 August 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/szx9d2n3kf.1
David Sierra Porta


The following dataset corresponds to the application of MultiFractal Detrented Cross-Correlation Analysis (MFDCCA) for the Cosmic Ray case using the Izmiran network detectors ( and Solar Dynamics indexes (NASA: spacecraft interleaved near-Earth solar wind data, The data sets are: 1. A dataset corresponding to the counts of the monitoring stations in hourly resolution. Each column contains information for the normalized counts and also for a filter using the median for the smoothed curve. 2. A dataset corresponding to the Solar Dynamics indexes (NASA) 3. Codes (jupyter notebook) needed for replication and reproducibility. These data have been used for the manuscript: On the fractal properties of Cosmic Rays and Sun Dynamics Cross-Correlations. D. Sierra-Porta (orcid=0000-0003-3461-1347). Submitted to publication (2022).



Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar


Astrophysics, Time Series, Particle Astrophysics, Heliospheric Physics, Solar Activity, Cosmic Ray, High-Energy Astrophysics