Published: 24 February 2022| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/t27jvj4vz2.2
Rodrigo Mora


The CCLE data was obtained from This includes the CCLE expression data. We obtained the RNAseq TPM gene expression data for protein coding genes, also Log2 transformed with a pseudocount of 1 and the HGNC and Entrez ID identifiers (“DepMap, Broad (2021): DepMap 21Q3 Public. figshare. Dataset,” n.d.)⁠. The miRNA expression data was also obtained from Depmap (Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia Consortium, 2015; J et al., 2012). We also obtained the CCLE ABSOLUTE copy number analysis results of 2019 (G. M et al., 2019)⁠ and mapped the CNV data of the corresponding miRNAs to the raw segmented copy-number profiles in the .seg file format (hg19) of CCLE DNA Copy Number using the GRCh38.87 version of the genome. A full interception of all datasets was performed to have a complete dataset for 904 cell lines and 18431 instances including 541 miRNAs. For a full description check our publication here: The data set is formated to be used by BioNetUCR, available here: DepMap, Broad (2021): DepMap 21Q3 Public. figshare. Dataset. (n.d.). Retrieved September 2, 2021, from Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia Consortium, and G. of D. S. in C. C. (2015). Pharmacogenomic agreement between two cancer cell line data sets. Nature, 528(7580), 84–87. M, G., FW, H., J, J.-V., GV, K., CC, L., ER, M., … WR, S. (2019). Next-generation characterization of the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia. Nature, 569(7757), 503–508.



Genomics, MicroRNA, Cancer Systems Biology, Computational Bioinformatics