MicroCT data for 10 mm cube of Ti6Al4V manufactured by Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Published: 28 July 2019| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/t2mnzpn67w.2
Anton du Plessis


This dataset is a full 3D dataset from microCT of a 10 mm cube of Ti6Al4V produced by a Laser Powder Bed Fusion system. The data was obtained using a standard protocol and the image analysis steps are described in this protocol also. The data is provided here for researchers to attempt the same analysis on this data. The cube presented here is an integral part of a round robin test where the same cube was microCT scanned at 10 different laboratories. This dataset is the data from the reference lab, lab 1 in the round robin manuscript. Voxel size is 15 micron



3D Imaging, Computed Tomography, 3D Computed Tomography