Harshita Rajan Ghosalker

Published: 22 March 2021| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t2ycttnm4k.1


Background: Health and Skill related components are key requirements to assess Functional Performance of Football Players. There is a scarcity of literature to measure the functional performance of football players. There is no tool available in India to check the Functional Performance of football players and to reduce the risk of injury but also for developing subsequent injury prevention programmes. In India AIM: The study is focused to develop and validate the tool of Comprehensive Functional Performance Assessment Battery (CFPA) of Football Players between 18-25 years of age in India. Design:. Design and validation of instrumental investigation. Methods: The study two phases and sub- phases: tool development and validity testing are: the first phase has six sub phases: Developing the problem and construct determination, item Production, Literature Exploration, Focal discussion with two expert, Categorization of the item in the domain, Quantitative evaluation of content, initial Draft proposed conversion and second phase is validity testing in which content validity is checked. Domains and items in the comprehensive functional performance assessment battery (CFPA) will be reviewed by the expert panel which will undergo through the Delphi method and Content validity is checked off the item after that final draft would be proposed and the final name is given to a tool that is comprehensive functional performance assessment Battery (CFPA) of football players in India. Result: The newly developed tool CFPA has excellent Scale- level content validity for each item in the tool is 1 which is more than 0.78 which is highly relevant, content validity ratio is also good which is bigger than 0.49 and the kappa value for each item is 1 which is excellent and universal acceptance is also 1 for both quality and content of the item. Discussion: The significance of the study is to develop and validate a comprehensive functional performance assessment battery for football players to evaluate their physical fitness, functional performance and to reduce the risk of injury while playing the game. Conclusion: CFPA is a valid tool which is used to check the functional performance in football players in India



Content Analysis, Questionnaire, Data Validation