Calculus Video Worked Example Data

Published: 12-04-2019| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t3xr5j67fd.1
Jamison Judd,
Thomas DeFranco


Summary data from a Calculus II class where students were required to watch an instructional video before or after lecture. Dataset includes gender (1=female; 2=male), vgroup (-1=before lecture; 1=after lecture), binary flag for 26 individual videos (1=watched 80% or more of length of video; 0=not watched), videosum (sum of number of videos watched), final_raw (raw grade student received on cumulative final course exam), sat_math (scaled SAT-Math score out of 800), math_place (institutional calculus readiness score out of 100), watched20 (grouping flag for students who watched 20 or more videos).