MeshEdit for FIV (in CFX)

Published: 28 October 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t46gcmjzbp.1
Christoph Reichel, Philip Reichel


For the work documented in (or alternatively in 36418211_Numerische_Simulation_fluidinduzierter_Rohrbundelschwingungen#fullTextFileContent) and DOI: 10.1115/PVP2009-77530 on the simulation of tube and tube bundle vibrations CFX User Fortran subroutines were created and used. It is planned to upload those User Fortran routines later as well. MeshEdit only makes sense together with those subroutines and description of those routines will also make clearer, what MeshEdit generates. To simulate the moving tubes the routines are calculating mesh displacements to adapt the mesh to the moving tubes. Therefore the subroutines need a .version file as input, which covers the tube bundle top view with an area structure. The java program MeshEdit, which is provided here, assists in creating such an area structure. Menu structure of the program and part of the readme files unfortunately are in German.



Mesh Representation