GGG-BenchmarkSfM- Secondary: Secondary Dataset for Benchmarking Close-range SfM Software Performance Captured with Different Cameras

Published: 10 August 2020| Version 2 | DOI: 10.17632/t4d8mv3fxt.2
Ivan Nikolov


The proposed dataset is an addition to the one published here - . It is also aimed at benchmarking the performance of SfM software under varying conditions - image positions, but also used cameras. The dataset is comprised on images of 11 objects with varying shapes, sizes and surface textures. It is divided into three parts: - Objects imaged in a semi-circle only from one side - 9 images per object - Objects imaged in a full circle from only one height - 18 images per object - Objects images in a full circle from multiple heights - 54 images per object Three cameras are used to capture the images - Canon 600D, Canon 6D and Canon 5Ds. All images contain EXIF data with used camera parameters. The images do not come with ground truth. If you require image data, plus ground truth meshes for comparison, please refer to this dataset -



Aalborg Universitet


Structure from Motion, Benchmarking, Reconstruction, Photogrammetry