Published: 21 January 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t5r2kwgjps.1
Mayakkannan R


This study is fully concerned with empowerment of urban woman through self help groups. Many studies have emphasized that rural development can be made possible only by making the rural poor especially the rural women folk, economically viable through income generating activities with required financial assistance. Moreover, collective action and collective responsibility along with sustainable economic improvement are essential factors for development at gross roots level. For this SHGs are considered the best tools and so they are launched on the basis of micro-credit system. However, it is also important to study at a glance the origin and concept of SHGs. Hence, with the above cited broad concept, the origin and concept of SHGs, as well as the progress of SHGs are discussed in this study. The important aspect of social lives now days is mostly confined to the gender issues in various socio-economic, health, demographic and cultural classification of people in India. Unfortunately females are in a historical process neglected at helm of male dominated society. This feature is still persisted in the recent period, perhaps in a different extent. Primary data and secondary data have been collected for this study. Random sampling has been chosen for data collection.