Data to replicate “Professor Self-assessment: identifying the determinants of contribution to the Program”

Published: 21 April 2023| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t6rmzc8y6z.1


This dataset is derived from a study that had the objective of identifying the perception of professors of a Higher Education Institution regarding their participation in postgraduate programs. The target population of the study was composed by professors who work in graduate programs at the university. We applied a questionnaire of 75 items that encompass dimensions such as the University facilities, the students of the course, the coordination and secretary of the program, and the professor’s contribution to the program. Data collection was carried out online during the period of January 2021 to march 2021. We obtained the support of the Data Processing Center of the university where the research was carried out to divulgate the research and to send the questionnaire to the target population. The research was approved by the university's ethics committee (CAAE process n. 40529120.0.0000.5346). We obtained a final sample of 221 respondents. This dataset allowed us to perform multivariate data analysis by using the software SPSS v.23 and so, to achieve the objective proposed in the article.


Steps to reproduce

The data analysis and statistical procedures are described in the article "Professor Self-assessment: identifying the determinants of contribution to the Program" (DOI 10.21573/vol38n002022.123797). Who is willing to reproduce this research may read the method section of that article and follow the steps we perfomed. This data set also allows researchers to make other and fhurteher statistical analysis.


Universidade Federal de Santa Maria


Higher Education, Assessment, Postgraduate Education, Academic Quality, Postgraduate Teaching