Dataset for Subtropical cyclone formation via warm seclusion development: The importance of surface fluxes

Published: 3 March 2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t83g8jj4mb.1
Lara Quitián Hernández


In the related manuscript, the importance of surface heat fluxes is evaluated by means of the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model. To that end, two WRF simulations are compared considering the presence and absence of these heat fluxes. Due to the huge size of the assessed cyclone which generated an extense domain to analyze and due to its long life-cycle, the obtained WRF model outputs are of considerable size. Therefore, only the WRF run files are provided here. Furthermore, the post-processing NCL and Matlab scripts are provided here with which the different analyzed variables have been plotted for the two analyzed dates considering the presence and absence of surface heat fluxes.


Steps to reproduce

In case it is necessary to reproduce the simulations, in this study we have used the Advanced WRF model version 3.8. The source code of the WRF model is available at Regarding the post-processing NCAR Command Language software, version 6.4.0 was used. For further information, please, refer to the associated paper or the corresponding author (


Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Numerical Modeling, Mesoscale Meteorology, Atmosphere Modelling