Data of the mathematical description: Spin-resolved electron transport in nanoscale heterojunctions. Theory and applications

Published: 4 May 2020| Version 4 | DOI: 10.17632/t868bx922b.4


A dataset contains the Fortran program code and theoretical curve fabrication for a domain wall (DW) resistance difference in a magnetic point contact (MPC), which describes a DW resistance difference at lup/ldn=4, with a DW's width 3 nm. The dashed black curve is a DW resistance difference: Raw data located in RES_R4_blackCurve.txt; Data for the red and olive curves, which correspond to the MPC with and without DW, are located in Curve_Red_R_DW.txt and Curve_Olive_R_0.txt files, respectively. The induced output data files from FortranProgramCode_LAP3nmR4.f90 are used as input data for Wolfram Mathematica program: WolfMathProgDataFabrication.nb which fabricate these data. File JensenData d vs G.txt contains experimental data, where the first column is diameter and the second column is the conductance of the Golden non-magnetic nanocontacts [Ref].



National Chiao Tung University


Physics, Electrical Resistance, Magmatism