Brain Connectivity During Seizures

Published: 31 March 2022| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t8bvh5m8bp.1
Hossein Shahabi,


This database includes brain networks in low- (2-50Hz) and high-frequency (80-140Hz, 140-200Hz), in the ictal period for 16 patients. A measure of centrality is computed on these networks, based on multilayer modeling of these graphs.


Steps to reproduce

"EZident.m" EZ localization in 16 patients can be visualized as Figure 2-figure supplement 1. "BrainStates2.m" Dynamics of brain connectivity (Figure 3-figure supplement 1) can be reproduced for each individual. "NetMeas_HFLF.m" Compute network measures and create boxplots in Figures 4 and 6. "StatAnalysis.R" Performs all statistical analysis (Figure 4-table supplement 1 and Figure 6-table supplement 1). Also, it reproduces Figures 5 and 7. Once the user runs these functions, the plots would be saved in the "Figures" folder.


University of Southern California, Cleveland Clinic


Epilepsy, Brain, Seizure, Multilayers, Human, Dynamic Functional Connectivity