Data for: Joint probability distribution of coastal winds and waves using a log-transformed kernel density estimation and mixed copula approach

Published: 12-11-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t8fcmjzg2v.1
Hui Jiang


The coastal wind and wave data were obtained from the National Marine Science Data Center, National Science & Technology Resource Sharing Service Platform of China ( The hourly data from 2011 to 2019 (1/1/2011 00:00 to 6/31/2019 23:00) were recorded at ShiDao station (Fig. 2) in Taiwan Strait, China, which has a water depth of approximately 9.2–12.7 m. The monthly maxima of the recorded data were extracted from the hourly recorded data. However, there were missing data in the monthly maxima of the recorded data, limiting collection to 90 out of the 102 data samples. Five ocean parameters were selected in this case study, which included maximum 10 min average wind speeds (Vm, m/s), maximum wave heights (Hm, m), significant wave heights (Hs, m), maximum wave periods (Tm, s), and significant wave periods (Ts, s). The monthly maxima range in the recorded data for Vm, Hm, Hs, Tm, and Ts were 7.5–19.7 m/s, 1.5–5.6 m, 0.9–3.2 m, 9.0–30.5 s, and 6.8–19.6 s, respectively.