Microsoft ERP Projects Dataset

Published: 28 February 2024| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t8wrsgwgzc.1


This dataset comprises 21 past D365 projects collected from a CMMI Level 3 software development company located in Lahore, Pakistan. These projects span various domains such as footwear, apparel, cosmetics, and fragrances. This dataset includes values for project code - project ID for identification purposes six factor points - reports points (ReP), forms points (FP), POS customizations points (PCP), integrations points (IP), workflows points (WP), and data entities points (DEP) six equivalent factor points - equivalent reports points (EReP), equivalent forms points (EFP), equivalent POS customizations points (EPCP), equivalent integrations points (EIP), equivalent workflows points (EWP), equivalent data entries point (EDEP) actual Effort estimated effort with COCOMO II estimated effort with expert judgment.



Software Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning, Software Development Effort Estimation, Model Validation, Stepwise Regression Analysis