Bot Cooperation Experiment Dataset

Published: 21-07-2020| Version 1 | DOI: 10.17632/t963ktp6ft.1
Hirokazu Shirado


This dataset is the code and data of the experiments involving networks of humans (1,024 subjects in 64 networks) playing a public-goods game to which we sometimes added autonomous agents (bots) programmed to use only local knowledge. We show that cooperation can not only be stabilized, but even promoted, when the bots intervene in the partner selections made by the humans themselves, re-shaping social connections locally within a larger group. The "code" directory has the R codes to analyze the experiment data at both group and individual level in the "data" directory. The dataset also has the raw data of each experiment session with the JSON format in the "data/raw" directory. The sub directory "exp1" has the data of experiment with 6 bot treatments and 1 additional bot visibility treatment. The sub directory "exp2" has the data of supplementary experiment with 1 single network-engineering bot having 5 ties.